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In line with our vision to extend optimal value addition to our customers, geekaysindia has today matured as a trusted and reliable solution centric brand providing its expertise with varied Technology solutions to address challenges in Industry – with focus on Energy conservation, Plant Assets Reliability and Safety – here is an overview of what we can support you with :-

  • Technologies such as Thermography, Vibration, Laser Shaft Alignment, Battery testing, Ultrasound etc for Plant Assets Heath and Reliability to protect and extend life of expensive Plant assets in Mechanical and also Electrical domains – hence less need for capital expenditure.
  • Ultrasound Technology for troubleshooting compressed air leak, steam traps and Valve leaks with analysis and reports on cost reduction due to wasted energy– very useful in safety, environmental, energy conservation or quality assurance programs & helps to cut energy waste and improve a company’s carbon footprint.
  • Power Quality Monitoring and Power Quality Solutions – to determine Energy losses, also support for Simulation / Evaluation programs for Energy savings by evaluation of Copper Losses, Harmonic Losses, Voltage consumptions due to stabilisation & Voltage level reduction
  • Safety technologies in Gas, Flame and Fire detection, Fire Suppression and also a wide range of solutions in PPE - for life protection and ensure safety and well being of critical plant & lab assets and workforce, also help to make hostile plant /lab environments a safer workplace. Specialization in Engineering & Integration of Fire & Gas Detection Systems, including Fire Suppression System
  • Support for Repairs and Calibration including AMC for Test & Measurement instruments including
    (a) NABL calibration support services.
    (b) AMC services for maintenance of Gas & Fire Detection and Suppression Systems.